Hotel complex "AQUAHOUSE"

Hotel complex "AQUAHOUSE" - "Saints Constantine and Helena" resort, Varna.


The complex is located in the central parts of the resort "Saints Constantine and Helena", near Varna.
It is divided into three main areas by function and location: Body A, Body B and Reception.

Body A consists of five above-ground levels and two underground floors.

The first underground floor is functionally divided into three zones: Balneology and SPA center, clinic /with 2 operating rooms/ and a service area for the hotel staff. The second underground floor consists of supply area, technical premises and warehouses.

On the first floor there is a lobby bar, a foyer and administration premises, an ALL INCLUSIVE restaurant, kitchen and six hotel rooms. In front of the building there is a terrace garden with 208 seats.

Body A has a total of 228 hotel rooms, 7 apartments and 1 presidential suite.
Seats in the restaurant - 746 (including 208 seats on the terrace-garden)

Body B is designed as a rectangle and consists of an underground floor and five above-ground levels.

The underground floor includes underground parking and technical premises, and there is also a warm connection for the hotel guests to the SPA centre in Body A and to Conference hall in body R /Reception-desk/.

Body B has 101 standard rooms and 84 family rooms.

The reception-desk is an entrance area with a barwelcome drink, a check-in desk, and a relaxation and waiting area. It is located between Body A and Body B and is connected to them with a warm connection. On the underground level there is a conference hall with 307 seats and service rooms.   

Within the property, there are 6 outdoor pools with sun loungers around them, including bathrooms and showers, and an outdoor bar. Underneath Body A, there is an amphitheatre with 280 seats.

In the southern part of the property there is an existing SPA and thermal center that was put into operation in 2017. It has a separate access from the northern border of the property.

The appearance that is achieved is influenced by the architecture of the Mediterranean. The architecture of the hotel complex is united by classic stone details and rich landscaping with precious vegetation and park lanes, which gives the hotel complex a very high level of aesthetics, habitation and vision.

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