Since May, 1947, when it started the activities, Technoimportexport has been continuously expanding its product range and scope of engineering services.

We have built the modern industrial basis of the major branches of the national economy of Bulgaria. More than 1300 complete plants and process lines have been delivered to 36 countries. The wide engineering practice and experience, the potential of the qualified staff, the stable business contacts with major companies from all over the world enabled Technoimportexport to build both small and large scale industrial projects using advanced technologies.

Technoimportexport has approached reliable research and design companies and machine-building corporations and thus exported complete plants and equipment on up-to-date level.

Technoimportexport worked out feasibility studies, designs and engineers equipment and off-site facilities for industrial enterprises, subject to re-engineering. Technoimportexport has prepared basic and detailed design at home or using the assistance of leading professional engineers and designers.

Technoimportexport has provided personnel for assembly and construction works on a contract basis.

Technoimportexport provided efficient import-export operations using top experts for financing and trading activities.

Technoimportexport performed its project and contractual obligations and duties always in time and within budget frames.


Main field of activities in the period 1947 – 2008:

  1. Energy
  2. Metallurgy, Mining & Ore-dressing
  3. Oil storage tank farms
  4. Fire-fighting systems
  5. Leather and fur-processing units
  6. Greenhouses and related facilities
  7. Ceramic plants
  8. Food processing plants
  9. Water and waste treatment facilities and environmental protection
  10. Plastic processing lines
  11. Highly qualified civil engineers and labour
  12. Other projects and facilities
  13. Export of machine tools and equipment


Services provided by Technoimportexport in addition to procurement and construction:

  1. Feasibility studies
  2. Tender documents preparation
  3. Basic design and detailed design
  4. Complete engineering services including know-how and license agreements
  5. Civil engineering
  6. Civil engineering
  7. Start-up assistance/personnel training
  8. Engineers, operators and maintenance staff for long term plant operation


Теchnoimportexport is a winner of “The Golden Mercury” award and “Africa” award.