“Varna” Stadium

“Varna” Stadium

Project information

The new project for the construction of “Varna” stadium provides the facility to have a capacity of 22441 people and a 3-storey underground parking lot for 1500 cars. It is consistent with the standards of FIFA and UEFA and suitable for holding international matches. Access to the spectators’ seats is provided in the most convenient way with a view to the specificity on the terrain. The requirements for distances in terms of evacuation of the spectators and the safety requirements for sports facilities are fulfilled. Necessary positions for TV cameras in accordance with the requirements and standards of FIFA and UEFA are provided.

The new football stadium is situated on the site of the old stadium “Yuri Gagarin” in the axis with “Aleksandar Stamboliyski” blvd. and parallel to the “Vasil Levski” blvd. Changing the orientation of the new football stadium, compared to the existing one is necessary according to the requirements of FIFA and UEFA, so that the stadium is oriented north-south direction along its longitudinal axis.

In front of the central facade of the stadium there is a vast square at the far end of which there will be restaurants and pubs. The audience will be able to reach the different sectors of the stadium through two parade staircases.

The construction of all necessary for the operation of the stadium control and security systems such as fire detection, alarm notification, access control and parking system, video monitoring, is provided. On the passageways of spectators and ticket control will be installed checkpoint facilities tourniquet system with e-readers for tickets and counting people ensuring control of the spectators flow when entering the stadium for sporting or other events.

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