Reconstruction of Hangar 1, Hangar 2, Lufthansa Technik Sofia Ltd, Sofia Airport

Reconstruction of Hangar 1, Hangar 2, Lufthansa Technik Sofia Ltd, Sofia Airport

Interior reconstruction of office premises, change of roof elements and drainage Lufthansa Technik Sofia Ltd was established in late 2007 as a joint-venture between Lufthansa Technik Group (75.1%) and Bulgarian Airways Group JSC (24.9%). Situated in Southeastern Europe, the geographical location of the facility in Bulgaria is perfect for servicing customers from Europe, Middle East and North Africa.

Lufthansa Technik Sofia Ltd is the newest base of Lufthansa Technik Group, since the Lufthansa Technik Group centers in Hamburg, Berlin, Shannon, Malta and Budapest were founded.
The company is residing in more than 25 000 m² area at Sofia Airport, which is constructed to the newest technological standards.
The facility is the latest operative level of development of Lufthansa Technik Group and can accommodate and service five narrow-body aircraft simultane- ously. In addition, two of the bays have full paint capability.
The advanced technology enables the company to meet highest environmental standards. Exten- sive workshops of 5000m² allow Lufthansa Technik Sofia to perform all base maintenance relat- ed work in-house or in close cooperation with other facilities of the Lufthansa Technik Group.
The main activities of the company consist of maintenance and repair of narrow-body aircrafts from Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737 (Classic and New Generation) at its base in Sofia Air- port, as well as Line Maintenance for Airbus A320 family, Boeing 737 and Embraer E190 at all major Bulgarian airports. The state-of-the-art hangar gives the possibility for more than 100 repairs and revisions (IL-and D-checks) per year, as well as for other maintenance activities to be performed.

Lufthansa Technik Sofia Ltd is certified by EASA with the same certificate, under which operates the mother-company Lufthansa Technik. This is another confirmation of the high standard of quality maintained by the joint-venture company. Today the facility can service 6 aircraft in parallel with more than 600 well trained employees. This is possible thanks to the team of technicians and engineers, highly trained in Flight Training Center, consulted by Lufthansa Technik.
The staff of Lufthansa Technik Sofia benefits from the long experience of Bulgarian Airways Group JSC and the high professionalism in training of Lufthansa Technik.
Sofia is one of the most successful facilities of Lufthansa Technik Group within Europe. Lufthansa Technik Sofia has proven to be very efficient, providing highest quality and fast turnaround time for a reasonable and competitive market price.
According to the current forecasts, the demand for aircraft MRO ser- vices, and in particular for Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, is expected to grow continuously. Not only the existing fleets of the low-cost carriers
in Europe, the Middle East and North Africa keep expand, but also many East European airlines improve their fleets following the example of the Western airlines.

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